Saving Yoda the Cat

by on January 3, 2016
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Yoda - Before & After

Yoda is one of those rescue success stories that I’ve had the privilege to observe from Day 1. His progress was updated on my Facebook profile over the months of recovery but I wanted to put the whole story in one place so one of those stupid clickbait sites can steal it, pretend it’s their content, cater to people who don’t know intellectual property even if it walked up to them on the street and slapped them in the face, and reap ad traffic while leaving nothing for the people who did the work and paid the bills. Because the Internet is great like that. Anyway, back to the cat…

 Important note!

The following entries were copied over from my Facebook page for record. Some of them might be in present tense, but this case is now closed. Yoda found a home and the leftover funds have been donated to a local animal welfare group. I have tried stripping out donation updates without losing too much context or confusing people into thinking it’s a current case. Do not offer to send money. Instead, look into the needs of animal welfare groups or NGOs in your area. Thanks!

The first image might be slightly disturbing to viewers who can only view animals that are perfect and cute.

I named the kitten ‘Tripod’ on the first day because we expected him to lose a leg. His new owner renamed him ‘Yoda’.

This post contains a lot of images.

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No Spend September 2015 – Week 4

by on September 28, 2015
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The hanging wardrobe (May 2015)

The hanging wardrobe (May 2015)

Week 4: Sept 22-28, 2015

Expenditure: RM325.10

My week’s expenditure was just about average and according to the pattern of my last three weeks, if you ignore the big chunk of unexpected spending due to an incident… proving that you should have money set aside for emergencies. It also makes a more interesting story for this week’s entry because me moaning about being a budgeting failure is getting old. I did groceries. I went out for meals a few times. I treated myself to a coffee twice. I ate all three meals at home today and only spent RM7 on cut fruit and a cup of coffee. I am done with this NSS week.

Some time in the last 14 days, I got out of bed after a morning nap, went out to bring in the laundry, and came back into my bedroom to find that the wardrobe system (above) has collapsed across my bed, along with my hanging wardrobe. It was fortunate that it did not break anything, my face included.

Structural collapse

Structural collapse

While the arrangement was quite stable in its original position, I was not able to get it back up because at least one part was damaged in the fall and another part may have been the reason why it fell over in the first place. After an hour of trying to restore it to its original state, I found that it remained dangerously wobbly. I gave up, dismantled it and moved it to the storeroom.

Which left me with a problem of what to do with my clothes. A friend suggested that I bring the laundry rack in, which was a great idea. It gave my clothes a home while giving me time to look for an alternative. I knew that all I needed was a clothing rack, preferably one with wheels. Luck was on my side. The day I had time to pop by Boulevard to raid their IKEA section, they had two clothing racks available. One had wheels. It cost me RM81.90 but it’s mobile, a long-term investment and completely necessary.

New arrangement

New arrangement

It doesn’t look like I have a lot of clothes here but I still feel like I have too much, especially when half of these are special occasion clothes… stuff I only wear a couple of times a year while hoping that people forgot I wore the same thing to the last special occasion.

The more frequent wear clothes are in the drawers, and it’s become rather apparent that I’m only wearing half of them although I culled many items earlier this year.

I walked by a shop at CityOne the other day and saw that they had the same line of patch quilt pants that I got in KL and love to bits. Was tempted to get another pair because I wear those as often as I wear my jeans, but I decided to postpone that decision until later.

Two days left. I’m not planning to immediately go out and buy a boat after this is over, even if October is my birthday month and traditionally I’d treat myself to something major like a holiday. The project continues, and my spending habits warrant some more detailed analysis.

No Spend September 2015 – Week 3

by on September 27, 2015
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Condiment cupboard. #food #foodporn

A photo posted by Georgette Tan (@georgettetan) on

Week 3: Sept 15-21, 2015

Balance: RM55.10
Expenditure: RM262.25

I’ve neglected updating because I was really not in the mood to blog. Now nearly two weeks is over; I have one more day tomorrow before I come to the end of Week 4.

What can I say about Week 3? To say that I gave up trying to stick to a certain budget would be half true. There didn’t seem to be any point since I failed to budget realistically at the beginning. There’s a slight change to my header – the balance from the original budget is RM55.10, which I fully expect to exceed. The actual expenditure is RM262.25.

The good news is that I seem to stay between RM200 and RM300, with the amount creeping up steadily to reflect my increasing sense of hopelessness. If you think this is bad, you should see my Week 4 figure. However, something happened this week that I would consider a semi-emergency but fell under ‘Household Items’, which means it counts.

If anything, at least I’m learning what my spending habits look like when I’m trying to toe the line between saving more than usual and treating myself a little at the same time.

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