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BLOG: Goodbye Dog
A tribute.

New poetry collection launching soon. Preorder now!

BLOG: The December 2023 Review
I did a major thing.

BLOG: The November 2023 Review
Nothing but Nanowrimo.

BLOG: The October 2023 Review
Work, markets, games, and writing.

BLOG: Inside SSPCA – the magazine
The project that kept me busy through the 3Q.

UPDATED: Stories on Fire
A post-mortem on SoF nearly a month after it ended.

UPDATED: Pelikan Hub Kuching 2023
Pelikan Hub 2023 came and went. Here’s some thoughts.

BLOG: The September 2023 Review
It was action-packed, but I’m glad it’s over.

BLOG: The August 2023 Review
It’s been a busy August, leading to an equally busy September!

BLOG: Pelikan Hub Kuching 2023
This year’s Pelikan Hub is a month away!

ARTICLE: Where to buy tarot decks in Malaysia
There are tarot readers in Kuching and this is where we buy our decks.

BLOG: Creating a firework bunker for the dog
I found a place for my dog to get away from the noise of CNY fireworks.


VIDEO: Pet Market at BARK PARK – First Dog Park in Sarawak (robinvlogs)
Robin Wong and I visited the first Pet Market held at Bark Park in Kuching. Dogs galore!

VIDEO: BORNEO CULTURES MUSEUM – Must Visit If You Are In Kuching (robinvlogs)
Exploring Sarawak’s long-awaited new museum with Robin Wong.

VIDEO: BEST RAMEN In Kuala Lumpur – KANBE RAMEN (robinvlogs)
He swears that this is the best ramen in KL and I’m willing to eat nearly anything.

PODCAST: Minimalism & Mental Health (Mind Brew Chats)
Raven (of Earthlings Coffee) and I join host Laura to discuss minimalism.


Gette Into It (Anchor)
I dive into my current pet interests in this “podcast about everything in between”.

Audio Reel (Soundcloud)
The sound mixing work I did for Storium Arc, showcasing the fun I had learning to work with audio.

Storium Arc (website)
A podcast about collaborative writing game – Storium. Made by several generations of members.