How to live without Facebook

Days without Facebook: 8
tl;dr version:
It’s hard and I’m cheating a little but I’m coping.

FAQ #1: Why?

Because I’m a Facebook addict and I need to GTFO or I’ll never get anything else done with my life.

FAQ #2: Why can’t you just log off and not check Facebook for a while?

See answer for FAQ #1. Also, I cannot keep my mitts off knowing that I’m being tagged, or that my posts are getting comments, or that things are just so fucking interesting in the newsfeed although they’re not. But it doesn’t keep me from compulsively refreshing the feed in a fit of FOMO. Deactivating sends a message of commitment to myself and a message of unavailability to my friends. Ergo, if you really need to get in touch with me, I’m still quite easy to find.

FAQ #3: You said you’re cheating a little…

Guilty. I have a ‘ghost’ account because I need an admin to hold on to my Facebook pages while my primary account is offline. You probably got here because of an update from one of my pages. But there’s basically very little for me to look at from that account. (ie I logged in three times today and the newsfeed didn’t change.)

FAQ #4: What are you doing now that you don’t spend all day compulsively refreshing your newsfeed?

I’m compulsively refreshing and updating Instagram. I’m ‘georgettetan’ on IG.

I’m also reading an awful lot, which I’m quite proud of since I hardly read anymore when being online is so much more interesting. Here’s what I’ve read since deactivating:

Books - May

Okay, so the bottom two are comic strips and the top one is my current book. But this puts me several books ahead of my Goodreads Reading Challenge this year. Look!

Goodreads - 2016 Reading Challenge 2016-05-23 22-43-09

I’m also on Litsy as ‘georgettetan’, which is available on iOS. I do more of my book-related posts there without being afraid of boring people who follow my Instagram for the #foodporn.

I’m working on my poetry chapbook.

I’m also lying around playing HuntCook and Candy Crush a lot.

FAQ #5: When will you be back?

I’d like to say “never” but realistically I need to get my contacts back at some point. This is not the first time I’ve done this. I plan on logging off for at least a month every year but I’ve been putting it off since last year because I keep getting involved in things that require me to stick around. I feel more comfortable about letting go and letting others take care of things now, so it’s now or never. Frankly it’s quite a relief.

I plan to stay off for at least a month, or until I finish putting my poetry chapbook together. So far, I’ve shortlisted 30 out of 85 NaPoWriMo poems over the last three years, and edited one to my satisfaction. The rest still needs to be examined further and either edited or eliminated from the list. I still have at least 50 other pieces all over the place that needs to be looked at to see if I can find the reoccurring themes. So far, I swing heavily towards (1) my departure from religion; (2) why I want to kill myself and why I haven’t; (3) shitty people I have to deal with.

FAQ #6: Where do I find you?

If you’re here, you’ve already found me. I’ll likely be updating here more. I’ve mentioned a number of online places I’m still using so you can add me there. I’m not that hard to find if you’re willing to go beyond clicking ‘Like’. You can click ‘Like’ to this blog’s Facebook Page which you can find in the side panel.

Saving Yoda the Cat

Yoda - Before & After

Yoda is one of those rescue success stories that I’ve had the privilege to observe from Day 1. His progress was updated on my Facebook profile over the months of recovery but I wanted to put the whole story in one place so one of those stupid clickbait sites can steal it, pretend it’s their content, cater to people who don’t know intellectual property even if it walked up to them on the street and slapped them in the face, and reap ad traffic while leaving nothing for the people who did the work and paid the bills. Because the Internet is great like that. Anyway, back to the cat…

 Important note!

The following entries were copied over from my Facebook page for record. Some of them might be in present tense, but this case is now closed. Yoda found a home and the leftover funds have been donated to a local animal welfare group. I have tried stripping out donation updates without losing too much context or confusing people into thinking it’s a current case. Do not offer to send money. Instead, look into the needs of animal welfare groups or NGOs in your area. Thanks!

The first image might be slightly disturbing to viewers who can only view animals that are perfect and cute.

I named the kitten ‘Tripod’ on the first day because we expected him to lose a leg. His new owner renamed him ‘Yoda’.

This post contains a lot of images.

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