Georgette Tan

Georgette Tan

Writer / Poet

Photo by Lance Vun.

Welcome to the freshly-revamped!

I’m Georgette. That’s me over there. I’m not normally that excited to see people, but I had a photographer who knew which buttons to push. Also, my hair is shorter and green now.

I am a professional writer with nearly 14 years of experience in print journalism and over 25 years of wrangling words into various forms. Apart from news reporting, feature writing, advertorials, press releases and other demands of journalism, I dabble in poetry, fiction and other forms of writing as art.

I co-founded Wordsmiths of Kuching, a community for spoken word artists. I am also a founding member of Word Of Mouth KCH, an event featuring stories, poetry or anything done with the human voice.

I am currently on a career break, but open to short-term projects or remote working opportunities in the field of writing and editing, and basic website setup/management. Hit the contact link above and we can chat.

A more comprehensive list of my skills will be available soon. Meanwhile, here’s my LinkedIn profile and my Instagram.

(Header photo by from Pexels)