My place in the office is pretty easy to find. You just have to look out for this: Ticket stubs, programme books, posters, postcards and various pretty things I pick up from events on the job. I thought it's be a shame if I stuff them into a drawer somewhere, or worse, bring them home and clutter up my bedroom with it. I'm also in the process of turning a

Songwriters’ Round, Kuching

The first ever Songwriters’ Round was a reasonably pleasant affair broken too often by a bunch of unappreciative ingrates in the screened-off area behind where we were sitting. I don’t think they were even here for that. Towards the end, they were making fun of one of the performers.It certainly wasn’t an improvement of my mood after sitting through Land of the Dead in front of a bunch of brats

Time is golden, but only if it’s my time.

The birth of Malaysia herald the birth of another thing that's uniquely Malaysian.Malaysian Time. Countless events start late because there wasn't enough people there at the appointed time. This resulted in smarter organisers who mark up the actual time by half an hour. If it's not your day, the thing starts late anyway. It's not my day. Tonight, I went to an event that supposedly starts at 8pm. When I

Happy Malaysia Day

IMG_2870 Originally uploaded by sala.. 42 years ago to this day, Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore joined the Federation of Malaya and formed a nation called Malaysia. Singapore left two years after but this post is not about them. Happy birthday, Malaysia. You rock in some ways and suck in others, but I'm stuck here so I'm making the best of the situation. Guess what? I'm doing okay. Others have made