Sarawak Islamic Museum

Andrea and I stopped by the Dewan Tun Abdul Razak Museum to pick up some documentation. We were actually already on the way out when we passed the back of the Islamic Museum and the building looked rather interesting. Since the both of us never been inside, we decided to drop in. Who would have thought the Islamic Museum would be so facinating? Okay, anyone with an interest in old

Legend of the Red Curse

Legend of the Red Curse Originally uploaded by Tarlia. This morning, I finished writing a review on The Legend of the Red Curse, which screened its first show on the 3rd Oct in the gala premiere at Star Cineplex. It wasn’t easy to write for two reasons: (1) I’ve been less kind to better movies than this. However, curse my inside knowledge on things that happened behind-the-scenes, which resulted in

Petition to the Prime Minister

Doreena, who is like a large rock you cannot stop when she gets rolling, singlehandedly collected nearly 50 signatures for the Petition to the Prime Minister. In two days. That was supposed to be my copy of the petition but I surrendered it to her. That's the woman triumphant above, with the completed set of forms. You can read about the petition and sign at the links I've provided above.

Books are geeky joy

Books are geeky joy Originally uploaded by Tarlia. I've been practicing restraint on buying books, and have gotten pretty good at telling myself, "No, Gette. Put that down." Sometimes it's wonderful to go nuts and come home with a heavy haul. I rarely buy books at the current market price for the obvious reason that they are expensive. This is probably why collecting series have slowed down for me. You