Books are geeky joy

Books are geeky joy
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I've been practicing restraint on buying books, and have gotten pretty good at telling myself, "No, Gette. Put that down."

Sometimes it's wonderful to go nuts and come home with a heavy haul.

I rarely buy books at the current market price for the obvious reason that they are expensive. This is probably why collecting series have slowed down for me. You get tired of a certain author… no matter how much you like them. Checking out other authors can either be a nice surprise or a disaster.

As far as I'm concerned, book recommendations are like movie or food recs. The only way you can trust their word is if you have very similar tastes.

This is where secondhand books come in. Kuching doesn't have a proper secondhand book store to speak of, but a few book shops do have a section for used books or at least, marked down prices. Yahya & Sons (Sarawak Plaza), Red, the gift shop at Hilton, Popular. There's also Green Shop (MJC), which is primarily a secondhand clothes store but had quite a good collection of books last time I was there a year or so back.

It's a great way of discovering new authors or books. Why spend RM35 on one book when I can get 2 or 3 used ones for the same price?

My shelves are are peppered with books I have not read yet because I buy faster than I read… which is not very often these days. It's still great for a rainy day. Around this time last year, I was between jobs (long story) and had plenty of time to go through the pile. And then I had to sell them off to raise some money.

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2 Comments on “Books are geeky joy

  1. Reading books can be a simple, normal and casual thing, I can never understand why it has to be associated with the word ‘geek’. Why can’t books be described as mere ‘joy’? Why must ‘geeky’ be attached in front of it?

  2. “Geek” nowadays pretty much means anything one is obsessive over, and the person doesn’t think “obsessive” quite fits the description. Aside from the fact that most people these days don’t read anything more than, well, a blog, being geeky about books means we have a socially dehabilitating love for them ;)

    If we want to get really persnickety though, I suppose we aren’t geeks because we don’t bite the binding off our books *g*–>

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