Legend of the Red Curse

Legend of the Red Curse
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This morning, I finished writing a review on The Legend of the Red Curse, which screened its first show on the 3rd Oct in the gala premiere at Star Cineplex.

It wasn’t easy to write for two reasons:

(1) I’ve been less kind to better movies than this. However, curse my inside knowledge on things that happened behind-the-scenes, which resulted in a great number of flaws in the movie, which resulted in me being unable to criticise much. I believe that the cast and crew are well too aware of this too, but they also know that they can’t stop now and and are making the best of it.

(2) Somebody had to have the balls to stick his neck out where a kicking off a Sarawakian feature film is concerned. There’s been plenty of nice little short films from our local film makers that will never see the big screen, but nobody’s made a big film for a rather obvious reason: lack of funds. Hock Star has money to burn, so why not? I do know that they aren’t stopping here and if anything, this has taught them how to make a movie better next time. Their “this is our first time” excuse has expired.

Anyway, the feedback is just starting to trickle in. You can see what people are saying at the following forums, which I’ll update as I find:

  • Sarawak Film Society
  • CatsCity
  • Cari.com.my
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    1. The movie sucked. I want the time and money I wasted back. If they wanted us to support a Malaysian made movie, they should’ve made a better one. At least I know I’m responsible for at least 10 less ticket sales.
      My suggestion if this is the best they can come up with, let the first be the last.
      Oh, and if the lead can’t speak English, either find another lead or get rid of the lines in English!!!!

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