Murphy’s Law of Libraries

LibraryNet is great. I can renew my books without even going to the library… which is useful because two weeks is usually not enough for me to finish them. In fact, I haven’t even cracked open one of them in the month I have it. So my books were due yesterday and I forgot to bring them out with me so I can return them. No problem, I thought. I’ll

Second note

Got to it sooner than I thought it would. I dropped by IMH after lunch and spoke to Angela. Basically, it’s gonna cost me almost RM165 to sign up the first time, after which there’ll be a RM60 fee per month. Classes are once a week for one hour each. The voice coach doesn’t have a schedule set for next year yet, but we get to pick days at this


The point being RotK was not the extended version. Am mildly disappointed but at the same time, I couldn’t wait for the whole thing to finish.We watched it during Day 2 of the first annual Star Rainforest Movie Festival at the Sarawak Cultural Village. It started at 7pm and finished around 5:30am the next day. We spreaded a mat on the huge waterproof banner they provided and laid our heads

Plant life for black thumbs

You may have seen it on popgadget, but imagine our surprise when we wandered into a toy store near our office and found the Tomy Flip-Flap Solar Powered Plant! The one they stock in plentiful is the smaller version shown on the audiocubes website. They come in clear plastic cubes and you have the option of not removing it from the cube. They do have the bigger version in their