Murphy’s Law of Libraries

LibraryNet is great. I can renew my books without even going to the library… which is useful because two weeks is usually not enough for me to finish them. In fact, I haven’t even cracked open one of them in the month I have it.

So my books were due yesterday and I forgot to bring them out with me so I can return them. No problem, I thought. I’ll just log in and renew then online as I usually do.

The member section was down all day yesterday.

Of course.

The site works fine today. My books are a day overdue and I discovered one more new thing: it doesn’t let you renew online if it’s overdue. I’ll have to bring it down to the library and pay the fine if I want it renewed.

I could bitch about this but they’re gonna laugh at me for making a big fuss over 30 cents. If I want to split hairs about this, I shouldn’t have to pay because of their technical error.

Another thing that would be very nice is if the system notifies you via email or SMS that your books are dued.

I’ll be forwarding my suggestions to them but that the system they’re running have been in operation since 2001 at least (although I thought they implemented this when Pustaka Sarawak opened in 2000). I can’t believe that nobody else have suggested it by now, so they’re probably still sitting on it.

You might wonder why I’m borrowing and holding on to books when I don’t have time to read them. They’re just an excuse to make me go back to the library and make use of it. Eventually I’ll look at what I borrowed and find a gem. I’ll probably do that before I go down to the library later.

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