The Vanishing Tattoo

Too tired to give a shit about much now, but to those of you who are interested, the Tun Abdul Razak Museum will be screening “The Vanishing Tattoo” this Friday at 3pm.

It’s open to the public and I presume it’s free. I forgot to ask that bit, but they sounded really surprised when I called… maybe because they didn’t expect anyone to actually turn up at such an odd hour of the week. The guy I spoke to said he’ll call me back to confirm. A lady did within 10 minutes, and said that they’ll keep me informed about their future events, to which I said “Please do” since events equal possible article.

This is what we’re probably watching. I’ll be really cranky if it turns out to be another Vanishing Tattoo that I didn’t know about.

So if you’re back on holiday or can tangkap ular from work for an hour are available at the time, drop by… or else I’ll probably be the only one there.

To those of you in Kuching, I’m starting to use to record upcoming events in town (and you can too). It’s similar to, except it’s event-centric and they don’t make you pay to be able to use it. If you’re reading this from my blogspot, you have to scroll down a bit to see the widget in my sidebar. It’s also on my website.

Author: Georgette Tan

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  1. Thanks for sharing that but what a ‘crazy’ time to be showing it at 3pm? People don’t have to work? Or are they targeting tourists only??
    Sounds like a really interesting documentary to watch though.

  2. FH2O: I suspect they wanted to stay within office hours since they probably weren’t expecting many (if any!) people to attend. No one will have to give up precious weekends for nothing. However, they are depriving genuinely interested people because of the strange hour. I’m definately gonna point that out when I go.

  3. Yeah go and TELL ’em (off)!
    I wanna see this movie! BUT how? Any chance to ‘borrow’ if its on DVD? What a waste! Pity.

  4. I hear it’s been on the National Geographic channel. But then again, I didn’t know until someone mentioned it to me. Maybe I can persuade them to screen it again or see if there is any way we can borrow it.–>

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