A duck, chilling

Ducky didn't come out till near the end of the impromptu bloggers meetup, when the older and mellower crowd is left. 1. Kenny, blogger, 2. Desmond, 3. Juliana, teacher, 4. Francis, architect & kayaker For the curious, Ducky's flickr album is here and his Multiply site is here. And it was great meeting everyone. ;-)

What to do on rainy days

Andrea and I had PLENTY of time leftover after we ate lunch. We stopped at Hock Lee Centre to browse and found that the Cute Cute Shop moved there from their tiny outlet in the middle of town. As the name suggests, there were cute-cute stuff galore – fancy stationary, stuffed toys, handphone danglies, gifts and novelty items of all kinds. We came upon a stack of small boxes which

Sarawak Tribune suspended

No prize for guessing the hot topic of the week at kopi tiams and water coolers everywhere, and yes, in newsrooms if you work in one. It's my day off so I'm not up-to-date with the latest gossip (some really interesting theories abound!), but even if I am, I'm not stupid enough to talk about it here. ;P You shouldn't either. Not in my blog anyway. What I must say

The Vanishing Tattoo, Take 2

My write-up on The Vanishing Tattoo should be out in this Saturday’s edition. There were a handful of people there, including a freelance tour guide who introduced herself as Lyn. She was talking to one of the museum people about the time of the screening and I had to butt in with my two cents. She thinks that the video would be marvellous for her fellow tour guides, since tattoos