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Sarawak Tribune suspended

No prize for guessing the hot topic of the week at kopi tiams and water coolers everywhere, and yes, in newsrooms if you work in one.

It's my day off so I'm not up-to-date with the latest gossip (some really interesting theories abound!), but even if I am, I'm not stupid enough to talk about it here. ;P You shouldn't either. Not in my blog anyway.

What I must say is that it's awful some 300 of ST staff are indefinately jobless because of the "misstep" of one or two people. I have a few friends in ST and this can't be easy on them or their families. As for the person(s) named responsible, I imagine they're not very popular right now.

ETA @ 6:20pm:
A little extra "news"

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  1. Ok, I wouldn’t comment on human stupidity to the power of infinity.

    Nice ‘make-over’ of your template. Really nice – 2 thumbs up!

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