The Vanishing Tattoo, Take 2

My write-up on The Vanishing Tattoo should be out in this Saturday’s edition.

There were a handful of people there, including a freelance tour guide who introduced herself as Lyn. She was talking to one of the museum people about the time of the screening and I had to butt in with my two cents.

She thinks that the video would be marvellous for her fellow tour guides, since tattoos are such an integral part of Sarawakian culture and they get asked about it. I know a number of people who are interested in seeing the video because like me, they didn’t catch it on National Geographic either.

I don’t know why the museum people seem surprised that so few people are able to turn up at 3pm Friday afternoon… it’s office hours, for goodness sake. Most people are working!

Lyn wants to organise another screening. The museum tentatively agreed to this. Lyn didn’t have a card but I gave her mine and she promised to call me if she arranges something. I’ve not heard from her yet and I don’t expect to so soon, since I have a vague suspicion that tour guides are as easy to wrangle as writers and cats.

I concluded my article with the phone number of the museum, encouraging any interested parties to call in and pester ask them about showing it again… say on a Saturday afternoon.

The number? I don’t have it with me right now. Guess you’ll have to read the papers on Saturday. *g*

Optionally, you can email me at froget[AT], so I can email you back when I have further information on the second screening. If there’s actually enough people interested, I don’t see why we shouldn’t go ahead and request our own screening.

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