What to do on rainy days

Andrea and I had PLENTY of time leftover after we ate lunch. We stopped at Hock Lee Centre to browse and found that the Cute Cute Shop moved there from their tiny outlet in the middle of town.

As the name suggests, there were cute-cute stuff galore – fancy stationary, stuffed toys, handphone danglies, gifts and novelty items of all kinds. We came upon a stack of small boxes which looked like they might contain snacks. The friendly shop assistant told us what they were, which explained why they were a steal at RM1 each.

Unable to resist the nice packaging and hilarious Engrish, Andrea bought 3 and I bought 5. Have a look here:


These are closer looks at some of our favourites:


"One fine day!"


"RainyCookies – Cookies have to stay at home safely on rainy days."


Happy what?


"Happy Friends – Strawberrys have to stay at home safely on rainy day." (There seems to be a lot of emphasis on staying at home on rainy days.)


I'm not gonna spell this one out for you. Spot the hilariousness yourself! (The obvious bit is just one of it.)


The top of the box says "Market Kit, See Back" (Also, I can't resist phrases like "Tiny Little Pets".)


The end which I assumed was the "back" also said "Market Kit, See back", which a caution that backs also need to stay at home on rainy days.

And what's in these adorable little boxes? Tissue paper… or so the girl tells us. I'm not opening them because I literally bought these for the packaging.

Anyway, part of me knows I'll be deeply disappointed if I opened it up and do not find Tiny Little cheese-flavoured Pets inside.

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