When I get my salary, one of the first things I usually blow it on first are books. I went to town this afternoon, with "Bookses!" echoing in my head. Before that, I was going "Money!" because I had to find an ATM before "Bookses!" can be bought. Went to Yahya and raided the secondhand book shelves, picking up The Silmarillion which matched The Hobbit that I found a few

Foot in ARS

Instead of a behind-the-scenes shot by me, I give you a photo of me behind-the-scenes, shot by my See Hua colleague Davidson. Marilyn is with the newly-formed Eastern Times, and what's left of the former ST gang are back on their daily rounds. The first issue of the new paper is due to hit the stands tomorrow. I predict that people are gonna stop asking me if we're delighted about

Bird Rescue

This was in the papers today. I modified the newspaper capture slightly by adding the actual photograph because my camera couldn't pick up the image clearly. Click for full view. Now I know what you're thinking. Who the fuck sets bird traps in the middle of the city? The photo below told me that this is at a very prominent part of the Kuching Waterfront. Some animal people will probably