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Bird Rescue

This was in the papers today. I modified the newspaper capture slightly by adding the actual photograph because my camera couldn't pick up the image clearly. Click for full view.

Now I know what you're thinking. Who the fuck sets bird traps in the middle of the city? The photo below told me that this is at a very prominent part of the Kuching Waterfront.

Some animal people will probably be jumping up and down and all over this, so let me help set the record straight.

The colleague who spotted this and took these photos clarified that it wasn't a bird trap but a transparent fishing line tied high up in a tree on the Waterfront, stretching across the road that passed in front of the Old Courthouse and ending on another tree. It sounds like something used to support the garish city decorations the area tends to be full of.

I don't know how this turned into "lines and hooks to trap birds". It's more likely that it's a leftover from the last Waterfront event that is missed.

The photo below shows some people untangling the fishing line from its wing.

Thanks to this security guard who was more concerned about the poor bird than he was about bird flu, the pigeon was rescued.

In any case, the Waterfront Management probably isn't going to be happy about how they've been made to look. The least they could do is pick up the phone and summon a guard or maintainance crew to help.

Animal tales don't end here. Another of my colleagues caught an example of animal cruelty this morning. Someone tied a plastic bag around the cat, between her forelegs and the bulge of her tummy. Unfortunately, she resisted help and ran away from the people who were trying to get near enough to take it off her. There should be a photo in the paper tomorrow of the cat stalking off.

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