When I get my salary, one of the first things I usually blow it on first are books.

I went to town this afternoon, with "Bookses!" echoing in my head. Before that, I was going "Money!" because I had to find an ATM before "Bookses!" can be bought.

Went to Yahya and raided the secondhand book shelves, picking up The Silmarillion which matched The Hobbit that I found a few days earlier. It's quite unlikely that I'll be able to digest The Silmarillion, since I didn't get through LotR, but I liked The Hobbit.

While killing time at Premiere Bookstore, I found Koji Suzuki's Ring. Yes, the creepy-Sadako-coming-out-of-your-TV Ring. I may be off my Asian horror movies kick, but I still want to read the novel that started it all.

Don't ask me about the other books. I only picked them up because they looked interesting and they were cheap.

Must rearrange the contents of my shelves. Must also update my virtual shelf.



  1. haha.. do you finish every single book that you bought?

    There are some lying around in my house, which I want to read it, I hope to read it but never got to read it..

    hmmm.. or is this only my disease!

  2. robin: I have a lot of books waiting to be read! I buy lots of them at a time and I don’t start in on them immediately because I’m usually already reading another book.

    At least I have plenty of books for a rainy day. :D

  3. gette…hv u tried reading e-book.most can be downloaded for free…i have a few i hv downloaded..paid for it..which i can share with u..if u want.


  4. blown away: Thanks, but I’m not very good with reading from the computer screen. Have enough trouble concentrating on long blog entries as it is! I haven’t even gotten around to listening to some audiobooks I downloaded.

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