When I get my salary, one of the first things I usually blow it on first are books.

I went to town this afternoon, with "Bookses!" echoing in my head. Before that, I was going "Money!" because I had to find an ATM before "Bookses!" can be bought.

Went to Yahya and raided the secondhand book shelves, picking up The Silmarillion which matched The Hobbit that I found a few days earlier. It's quite unlikely that I'll be able to digest The Silmarillion, since I didn't get through LotR, but I liked The Hobbit.

While killing time at Premiere Bookstore, I found Koji Suzuki's Ring. Yes, the creepy-Sadako-coming-out-of-your-TV Ring. I may be off my Asian horror movies kick, but I still want to read the novel that started it all.

Don't ask me about the other books. I only picked them up because they looked interesting and they were cheap.

Must rearrange the contents of my shelves. Must also update my virtual shelf.


Author: Georgette Tan

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4 Comments on “Bookses!

  1. haha.. do you finish every single book that you bought?

    There are some lying around in my house, which I want to read it, I hope to read it but never got to read it..

    hmmm.. or is this only my disease!

  2. robin: I have a lot of books waiting to be read! I buy lots of them at a time and I don’t start in on them immediately because I’m usually already reading another book.

    At least I have plenty of books for a rainy day. :D

  3. gette…hv u tried reading e-book.most can be downloaded for free…i have a few i hv downloaded..paid for it..which i can share with u..if u want.


  4. blown away: Thanks, but I’m not very good with reading from the computer screen. Have enough trouble concentrating on long blog entries as it is! I haven’t even gotten around to listening to some audiobooks I downloaded.

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