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Foot in ARS

Instead of a behind-the-scenes shot by me, I give you a photo of me behind-the-scenes, shot by my See Hua colleague Davidson.

Marilyn is with the newly-formed Eastern Times, and what's left of the former ST gang are back on their daily rounds. The first issue of the new paper is due to hit the stands tomorrow. I predict that people are gonna stop asking me if we're delighted about the downfall of Sarawak Tribune, and start asking me how is Borneo Post doing with everyone being very sakai over ET. I'll be over there reading my own copy. (Egads people, pick a paper and get a life already. Lemme alone.)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

ARS is such an unfortunate name for a shoe brand. No matter how much anyone emphasises that it's pronounced A-R-S, I'll always call it "arse".

Arse ARS is sponsoring a subsidary title for the Miss Sarawak Model of the World contest – Miss Beautiful Leg.

That's right. Singular. The advertistment with that typo came out yesterday and we haven't stopped making fun of it since. It doesn't matter if your other leg is fat, ugly or not even real… as long as you got one beautiful leg to stand on.

Here's the photo I was taking at the time.

This is the first time I've been assigned to a Miss Sarawak Model event. It's Andrea's third and she's already told me what to look out for. However, it didn't stop me from laughing quite hard when someone came out and did that mid-crouch hand-on-knee butt-in-air chest-thrust pose.

While some of the girls do have a little potential (especially those who seem to make a career out of joining beauty contests), others were just… WTF.

I'm not really sure who taught the two on the left that bizarre mid-dash-with-a-bag pose or that leaning-into-the-wind pose, or who even thought this was a good idea. Then again, I'm a straight chick and poses like these don't conjure up very exciting mental images for me. At least they're smiling. Some others didn't look happy to be there.

I'm not sure if this model search is part of something bigger since Goggle isn't prepared to admit that such a title exists on a national or international level. The grand finals is in a week and if this is the best they can come up with, our winner is going to get her ARS kicked at any subsequent level.

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  1. Hahahha… I tend to prounouce them as “arse” anyway. Easter Times eh? You don’t say. I would have to get Marita to get me a copy the next time she’s in town. In a way, it’s a great way to create new branding ideas for Eastern Times and present the paper in a more upbeat manner but what do I know anyway. Hehehe… I wish ET all the best. May the force be with you ET!

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