BOOKSES! And about buying books.

BOOKSES! Honestly, I'll probably find more to buy before the Times Warehouse Sale is over. RM8 for a mass paperback. This is how much books should cost if they want to encourage reading. At the standard market price, it's as though they want to keep reading a luxury only the rich can afford. The main thing I notice about cheap books (i.e. Popular's usual best buy, or warehouse sales) is


I'm slacking on Tarlia Daily because of a combination of late nights out and Maple Story. I kept taking self-portraits anyway; I just haven't posted them. Maybe later, if my current book doesn't lure me away. I'm not too sure about Maple Story at this time. I love the graphics and the fact that I can get these top-up cards at Popular or authorised cyber cafes in this town, but

Bubble Day

This afternoon, I stood in my driveway and blew bubbles down my lorong. The wind carried them away pretty quickly. I soon realised that I didn't need to blow it myself; I held the bubble ring tool over my head and the wind did the rest. I have a bubble gun – one of those contraptions that's like a hair dryer with a bubble tool attachment – but doing it

Permai leftovers

Getting a bit quiet in here? That's because I have nothing to say cept that I'm swamped with work and have no words left at the end of the day. I'm just reading a lot to "put words back". My daily self-portrait project is actually more active, since I don't need to use words there. I also spring-cleaned a great deal of junk from my flickr account and uploaded some

Movies, Mags and Men

Despite wanting to get up early to get some stuff done, I ended up sleeping till noon today. Oh well. This month is CLEO’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors Living In KL 2006 month. For four solid years, I never missed an issue of CLEO since it started in Malaysia (cept for the first one cause I didn’t realise it already came). I graduated to other magazines after that, but I