BOOKSES! And about buying books.


Honestly, I'll probably find more to buy before the Times Warehouse Sale is over. RM8 for a mass paperback. This is how much books should cost if they want to encourage reading. At the standard market price, it's as though they want to keep reading a luxury only the rich can afford.

The main thing I notice about cheap books (i.e. Popular's usual best buy, or warehouse sales) is that you get stuff that you usually don't notice on a normal day at the book store. This is great if you're looking for authors that are usually not available here or like me, just go around picking up stuff that sounds interesting.

This is also not great because you are not likely to pick up a marked down version of that bestseller you've been eyeing. I'd love to complete my James Patterson or Harry Potter collection, but there's not a single one of those to be seen at the warehouse sale. As I can recall from conversations with book store managers/supervisors, the store is only allowed to put certain titles on sale like that.

I'm still not pleased that KL get the best pickings and send their leftovers to us, but to be fair, we don't have enough buying power to demand a better selection of books. Those with more discerning taste in reading material usually can afford to order online or travel to KL/Singapore and get it there.

I've so far not been desperate enough to order anything online. Doing that takes the thrill out of the hunt anyway.

If anyone wants to collect David Eddings, Robert Jordan or Danielle Steele, Yahya at Sarawak Plaza has massive amounts of them at the secondhand books shelf because someone sold off their entire collection. It's been there for weeks.

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  1. The prices of books are really stewpig here. No wonder Malaysians don’t read!

    When you visit people’s houses during festive occassions; do you realise that almost ALL of them have NO books!!! Even the ‘educated’ ones!

    Kinda sad to me. But then again what do i know! ;)

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