Movies, Mags and Men

Despite wanting to get up early to get some stuff done, I ended up sleeping till noon today. Oh well.

This month is CLEO’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors Living In KL 2006 month. For four solid years, I never missed an issue of CLEO since it started in Malaysia (cept for the first one cause I didn’t realise it already came). I graduated to other magazines after that, but I still always pick up the Bachelors issue every year. Habit.

As far as magazines are concerned, I pick up whatever that catches my fancy that month. The most interesting women’s magazine I’ve seen lately is “Madam Chair”, a Malaysian mag aimed at career women. It didn’t specify the frequency of publication. The first issue was perhaps in December, but I haven’t seen it anywhere since. Pity because it has some stuff more applicable to women my age where my life is now… like how some of us wake up at age 30 and realised that we haven’t as much as gone out on a date since God knows when.

In other news, Yasmin Ahmad reports a strange incident regarding Gubra screenings in KL. I haven’t heard of any similar incident here. When I saw it on Tuesday, the cinema was half full… but then again, it was a lunch show.

Gubra is a good movie, with some closure to Sepet. If you haven’t seen it, you should. A nice surprise is that it got past the Censorship Board without any cuts.

I feel like going out tonight, but I don’t know where.

Author: Georgette Tan

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