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This is a note to self as well as to anyone of you who are interested.

The Book Project 3

"The Book Project concept is still very young. Eventually we will find our groove. Sadly, writers cannot be paid for their stories. This means all stories remain property of the individual writers. Writers can send their stories, be it the original or edited versions to a magazine or newspaper. All other costs for printing, design work, editing etc will be borne by the publisher/company willing to financially support the project.

We are accepting fictional stories not exceeding 1,500 words for book 3. We aim to have a compilation of at least 25 stories. I’m hoping to have all I need by June or July. We invite writers of all ages."

Deadline: June/July 2006
Link: Starring role for budding writers
Contact: Karen-Ann (katjt [AT]

British Council's New Writing Anthology"Writers from, or resident in, the UK and the Commonwealth are encouraged to submit short stories, poetry, literary essays, memoirs, biography and fiction. This could be an extract from a work in progress. The work must be unpublished and not be due for publication until at the earliest September 2007, and the author should be willing to give the British Council non-exclusive electronic rights for 2 years following publication, plus translation rights and other sub-rights to be confirmed.

Deadline: 30 April 2006
Link: Website

Author: Georgette Tan

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