My morning isn't complete without coffee and Cute Overload. What would actually complete my morning, is that I actually get up when I should. My phone is slightly below full power (I forgot to charge it), which means I'll probably end up getting a lot of calls today and drain the battery. Ditto for my camera… getting battery drain, that is. I'd freak out if my camera starts ringing.

Current Read

I spent most of my evening reading The Blessing Stone, by yet another one of my guilty pleasure authors – Barbara Wood. Because it's too late in the night for me to summerise this book outside a book review, here's a synopsis plucked from the website: Three million years ago, a meteorite plunged to earth in a cataclysmic collision, out of which emerged a beautiful blue stone. One hundred thousand

All the world’s a playground

Call me ignorant when it comes to national politics, but WTF is this? ‘Barisan MPs have no choice’ By ELIZABETH LOOI KUALA LUMPUR: Conscience is not a factor when Barisan Nasional MPs vote in Parliament because under the BN Whip, which is enforced at all times, they are not allowed to support any motion by the Opposition. “You went into the elections as a candidate for the party and you