Nice weather we’re having

The weather here is so hot that it’s pissing me off. I mean, I sit in front of the computer, which is an action that uses slightly more energy than if I were asleep in bed, and sweat just drips from my hair. If I bend over to pick up stuff from the floor, I immediately start losing more water. Crazy. I didn’t use to notice the heat during the

Note to the General Public

Dear Y'all, I don't speak for all reporters but every now and then, I like to attend events out of personal interest. I don't appreciate being cornered and asked to "write something" about it on the basis that that (a) I was there, and (b) I'm a writer. It's a very quick way of ensuring that I'll never come back. Having to stay away from something I'd otherwise enjoy because

SFS EVENT: Outdoor Film Screening & Meetup!

[ Link ] This coming 24th June (Saturday), 8pm, SFS will be having a very special Outdoor Film Screening and Meetup event at the White House along Jalan Crookshank. We are extending invitations to the general public to come join us although SFS members will receive priority in seat availability. We are currently limiting seats to 40 pax as the venue may not accomodate too many people. This is a