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Nice weather we’re having

The weather here is so hot that it’s pissing me off.

I mean, I sit in front of the computer, which is an action that uses slightly more energy than if I were asleep in bed, and sweat just drips from my hair. If I bend over to pick up stuff from the floor, I immediately start losing more water. Crazy. I didn’t use to notice the heat during the “summer months” but a couple of years ago, my dad took pity on me and had an air-con installed in my bedroom. Now I’m spoilt and can’t live without it.

I spent much of last night sorting out my feeds at Bloglines. The reason why you don’t see many links to other blogs here is that I subscribe and read them on my Bloglines page (which I won’t link to since I’ve set it as private and you can’t see anyway).

A lot of the sorting involved deleting some of the Kuching bloggers from my personal list. I only read a scant handful on a regular basis and the only reason why I didn’t unsubscribed was because I want to add them to kchbloggers@bloglines first. The list there only gets added to; I add them as I find them and I don’t check back to remove those who are no longer active.

If you find your blog listed there and have no idea who I am, it’s because I found you. It’s not that hard to find local bloggers these days, and I don’t add everybody. My requirements are simple: you write words in full instead of in SMS-speak, and your blog design doesn’t freeze my browser or destroy my eyesight.

I could rant on about bad blog design and stupid things people put on their blogs, but I need to conclude this entry soon.

I also spent most of today looking at webcomics. The Webcomics Examiner is a blog worth keeping an eye on because they review some really spectacular stuff out there.

Here are some of my favourites, some from WE, some not:

  • Gunnerkrigg Court :: Review
  • Hold my Life :: Review
  • Agnes Quill :: Review
  • Holy Bibble
  • By the way, I’ll be at RWMF this year. Past on the link for the Rainforest World Music Festival Survival Guide to your friends.

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