Tempered Mental

Tempered MentalI've had Tempered Mental's EP since the Bandfest showcase a couple of months back but only listened to it now. Okay, so I wasn't really in the mood for rock music. My standard music fare is folksy chicks, pop heartbreaker male(s), a little jazz, and plenty of familiar old favourites.

I'm in the mood for something new so I put my huge collection on random play about a week ago. I don't think it's quite finished, but I got tired of it yesterday and dug around for CDs I haven't touched yet. In goes Tempered Mental.

I can't review music for shit, but I know a band I like when I hear one. These guys are phenomenal. It's easy to see why they made it so far and will likely go further.

Go to Music Canteen and do a search for them to get a sampling of their music. Hear it for yourself.

Can't wait till they return for the Bandfest after party!

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