Sarawak Tattoo Convention 2007

Now that’s just disappointing. When I heard it was cancelled, I was all, “We were going to have a what?” I missed the 1st Borneo International Tattoo Convention back in 2002 because I wasn’t that interested. I wasn’t tattooed yet, see? When a friend from another paper mentioned the convention this morning, I had to go digging to see what I can find because I heard it was cancelled. I

The “Before” Picture

This is a view of the stage and audience area on the eve of the Rainforest World Music Festival 2006, shot from Dewan Lagenda. The field will look rather destroyed by Sunday night. I will be at the Festival starting tomorrow, shuttling between Santubong Kuching Resort and Sarawak Cultural Village for press conferences, workshops, concerts, writing, emailing, food and sleep. The whole idea of the event gets my engine going.