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Thursday Across River

After lunch with some friends at Elephant’s Cafe, I met up with some friends who were going to go visit an Anglican graveyard on the riverback opposite the Waterfront, next to where that new and unnecessary DUN building is under construction. Unfortunately, we didn’t get far… they fenced the graveyard into the site and nobody’s getting in without the necessary permissions from the site supervisors, who were not in.

If you look across river from the Waterfront, you’ll see a blue and white jetty with a small, rundown blue and white building. That’s where we landed the first time.

This is the windowless building. There’s nothing but rubbish inside.

The ground next to the jetty is covered with tiny shells.

This is as close to the graveyard as we got. I was leaning precariously over the reinforced banks with my camera in full zoom, my arm stretched out as far as it could go and with a friend holding on to my free arm so I don’t fall into the river. I kinda like the composition. It looks rather ominous despite the brightly shining sun.

Obligatory self-portrait

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