Buying coffee by the pound

…I’m not, but the general sentiment of the song is fitting. I get up early I look around me I’m buying coffee by the pound But when I’m sleeping I’m so deep in it I can’t keep myself awake –Keep Myself Awake, Black Lab Funny how I’m full of plans when I running around working, but when I get home, all I want to do is sleep. Or stare lethargically

Idle Nights – The Post Mortem

Now that Idle Nights is over, I need a new project! But honestly, organising-wise I only did a small part. Gerald handled the venue and related logistics. British Council brought Francesca over. I only did what I’d normally do anyway… find people and coax them into doing something they may not necessarily want to do! It was such an awesome night, I’m still shocked. One of the things I regret

Feeling Idle?

This is a reminder that Idle Nights is this Friday and you’re all invited to watch me make a fool of myself to come support the local talent and get awed by Francesca Beard. First ever performance poetry and story reading event in Kuching. You get bragging rights about being there when it happens. Admission is free. I recorded myself reading some stuff for practice earlier today. If you want

This weekend

I’ll be away this weekend, missing Songwriters Round for the first time. Due to certain circumstances, it had to be this weekend so go check it out if you haven’t been to one! For more information, go here. Catch up when I get back!