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Idle Nights – The Post Mortem

Now that Idle Nights is over, I need a new project!

But honestly, organising-wise I only did a small part. Gerald handled the venue and related logistics. British Council brought Francesca over. I only did what I’d normally do anyway… find people and coax them into doing something they may not necessarily want to do!

It was such an awesome night, I’m still shocked. One of the things I regret not doing that night is hand out a feedback form or at least, a sign-up-for-notification list. When I meet people who attended, I want to ask them how they found out about the event and what they thought.

My ex-colleagues, who came solely for the purpose of cheering me on, admitted that they were planning to slip out when things got boring. They didn’t get a chance. They ended up sitting there all night, stunned by how much they were enjoying themselves.

My other regret is that we didn’t think to engage a videographer!

Overall feedback has been positive. I think every performer has their share of people who liked them and people who didn’t. The pattern is pretty clear – some only liked the poetry, while others preferred the stories. But at least we got a good mix of the two!

Everybody loved Francesca Beard, of course. There’s really nothing not to like. As the press release from British Council promised, she broke down “old perceptions of poetry and how it is presented”.

What most of the audience members probably didn’t realise is that just hours before the show, she sat down to listen to us newbies read during our dry run. She was very generous with her praise, made some helpful suggestions on how to present our work and told us to read to the group again. If you thought we did good, you should have heard us before!

Maclean, who is no newbie at reading to a crowd, also had some reassuring words. He is a serendipitous find and I now remember how it happened. I was looking at my counter referrals and one of the incoming was a google search for Songwriters Round at MOJO. I clicked in to the search page and one of the hits was Maclean’s entry on the very first Songwriters Round when I met him for the first time. I clicked around and found his writing.

It was also great that he was more than happy to join us at such short notice. If he heemed and hawed at me, I would have just moved on.

Overall, it was a fun night… probably more fun that most people anticipated!

To those of you who shared the first Idle Night with us, thanks for your support! We’ll see you next round, eh?

These people were there:
* CatsCity Forum
* Robin
* Blog of Zack
* Samantha
* Yi Hong
* Aaron

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Some of my photos are here.

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