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A Teething Problem

Missing dog, lost around Meiling Garden/Poh Kwong Park. Go here for info and photo.

Q: Why is it called “wisdom teeth”?
A: Because if you don’t get them removed, you’re a bloody idiot.

My current pain involves a rogue tooth and a physically sensitive time of the month. Eating had been a slow process the last couple of days, but the pain seem to be subsiding now. *fingers crossed*

What’s been going on with me lately? Nothing. A lot. One of the above.

I stumbled upon and joined ShutterChance. I’ve been there a week and am liking it so far… probably because I’ve been getting comments. It’s a small community yet. Over at flickr and zooomr, people rarely comment unless you’re outstanding or popular. The beauty of it is that it’s an automated system. You can upload as many photos as you like in one sitting, but only one gets featured per day. It gives everyone a chance to be seen, and makes you choose your photo carefully too.

If anyone wants to try out Vox, leave me your email. This is what a Vox blog site looks like. I have 2 invites left.

I came across a blog site called Sawlogs, which I thought is a terribly cute name for a dream blog site. I signed up and added a couple of past dreams. I don’t expect to use it much since I hardly remember my dreams, but I thought some of you might like it.

I’ve been accumulating books, but that’s nothing new or unusual here.

My current project is rewriting an old novella into a full-length novel for possible publication next year. I’ve identified a local publisher, but have not spoken to anyone there yet. Another friend is putting together a manuscript for that same publisher so I guess I’ll get the details from him. Meanwhile, anything else can happen.

I guess there’s no Nanowrimo for me this year. But hey, Nanowrimo is old news for me. No more heeming and hawing.

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