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Found photo

I found this photo is Andrea’s stash of RWMF photos. I know someone who will be interested in it.

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That’s me in the press room, working on an article on the Alphasmart Dana Wireless. I don’t really need the PCs when I’m not emailing, so I stayed out of the way and pecked away in the corner until I’m ready to send it off.

Why don’t I use the wireless to email? Battery issues. I was running it on AA batteries (it’s supposed to run on its own battery pack, which didn’t make the transition when a couple of Alphasmarts travelled over to Kuching from our friend in KL. Fresh AA batteries + connection to the internet = dead batteries in 5 minutes.

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  1. *squeal*


    Oh, btw, I didn’t get round to mailing you the rechargeable last Saturday as I said I would. I was running late and well … sorwee.

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