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Lets try something new. As the title says: Ask me anything. Is there something in particular that you want to know about me? About working in the media? About what I think of certain issues? Here’s your chance to ask. I will answer as honestly as possible. If you ask personal questions that I don’t want splatted all over a public blog, I reserve the right to ask you to

Was Possessed

So you think You can hold the world up by a string With all that you have And I would hold every part of you I could hold And I’m oh… And I’m on again Brace yourself With all that you have And oh, I’m in love again Brace yourself Now… -Brace Yourself, Howie Day Having a rose at my computer table is nice because it releases its scent into

WTF, people?

I make one post entitled “Malaysia Bodoh” and my blog hits went from 5 a day to 50. Everybody loves shit, eh? *is amused* Here, go look at something else: RAISING THE DEAD, by Tim Zimmermann At the pitch-black bottom of one of the world’s deepest underwater caves, extreme diver Dave Shaw found the body of a young adventurer who’d perished while exploring the sinkhole ten years earlier. He vowed

Malaysia Bodoh

An article you need to read if you haven’t already is Michael Backman’s “While Malaysia fiddles, its opportunities are running dry” and his follow-up response to the feedback received. I had things to say about this issue, but I spent the entire day writing. Allowing my mind to float in 4 different directions at once right now is a luxury I’m enjoying.