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Ex-pats and ex-pets

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Today was an exciting day where we (“we” being Ashfa & Chris from Jambu and Chris’s parents) went to Matang Wildlife Centre for a guided tour led by Keith Lloyd and Caroline Bellhouse (recent article on Caroline). With us also were volunteers (5 from England and 1 from Australia) who will be here working with the orang utans for a month.

It was interesting tour, especially when we got to go behind-the-scenes. Most of these animals here were cannot be released back into the wild because they were taken away from it as babies, or born in captivity, or have been in contact with humans (as pets, or as a threat, if you’re talking about their dozen or so crocodiles).

I took a good number of photographs, with a decent amount that I’m very pleased with. Here’s two.

Hanging aroundHanging around Hosted on Zooomr

He doesn’t play nice with all the other sun bears, so he’s in the holding area with a couple other bears while the 4 outside has their few days in the sun. That’s the problem with male animals… they’re territorial.

Aman the orang utanAman the orang utan Hosted on Zooomr

Aman has fingers the size of brinjals and an arm span that keeps you wary of getting too close to the bars. Sadly, he’s also blind from cataracts. They are trying to raise enough money for an operation that will restore his eyesight.

I’m thinking aloud here but there’s much we Sarawakians can do to save our animals. It always seems a little sad to me that it takes people who are not from here to point this out to us.

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  1. i wonder what the govt is doing about this issue.. like i always say instead of spending the hard earned tax payers money on mega projects they should spend it on education and saving our rainforest and animals .. just my 2 cents.

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