Hello November

This moment will rise
And it takes you further inside
In through your wall again
That covers you once your in
In through your wall again
Until you can reach the end

–Your Wall, Revis

My Chief Editor asked me today if I blogged. The first word out of my mouth was “no”, not because I wish to hide this blog from him, but because I haven’t made a habit of blogging in so long that I’ve forgotten about it.

Here’s a summary of the last few weeks, for you curious lurkers:

  • I got as depressed as you can without needing professional help/medication. You know what they say about things that don’t kill you? Yeah. I survived. I’m also significantly bitchier as a result.
  • As a result of the above, I’ve lost interest in nearly everything I loved to do. If you don’t see as much talk about photography/movie/books/life/etc., it’s because I haven’t cared in a while. Maybe it’ll come back, maybe it won’t. In any case, it’s a good way of pruning life down to the basics.
  • I had a wisdom tooth out yesterday (not the one previously mentioned). It didn’t hurt, but then again, there wasn’t much of a tooth left. The antibiotics are kicking my ass. I spent the afternoon trying not to pass out on top of my office keyboard. I also didn’t need the painkillers the dentist gave me. The kind of pain woke me up the night before made post-extraction there’s-a-hole-in-my-jaw pain quite unnoticeable. It only stings when I yawn.
  • I’m dying to go kayaking again. However, I’m unable to get any time off. BOO.
  • My novel is stuck at the beginning of Chapter 2. However, I’ve met two people who are very close to what I imagined two of my characters are like.
  • I have acquired loads of interesting music. An old friend reminded me today about how awesome Revis is. I found my copy of their album, popped it in, and it immediately seized me by the throat. It had a particular significance once, but now it’s just fuckin’ awesome music.
  • I’ve developed an interest in children’s books, especially the beautifully illustrated ones.
  • I joined an RPG. Now I have a place to channel excessive energy and procrastinate from my novel.
  • I turned 29.
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    1. hey hey !!!
      I have been so busy that I have not have proper time to visit all the blogs I have bookmarked…
      How have you been?? depression ah?? aiyooooo…
      Anyway, Happy belated birthday !!!
      Maybe we should go out catch up some time ya? havent met u in a while.

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