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Was Possessed

So you think
You can hold the world up by a string
With all that you have
And I would hold every part of you I could hold

And I’m oh…
And I’m on again
Brace yourself
With all that you have
And oh, I’m in love again
Brace yourself

-Brace Yourself, Howie Day

Having a rose at my computer table is nice because it releases its scent into the air as it dies. I should get myself on every now and then. Amber Chia was handing them out during the cocktail reception of Possessed.

I don’t really want to talk about the film here right now because I plan on going out and getting some sunshine today, but you can read about what people (me included, very diplomatically) are saying over at CatsCity Forums.

Here are some photos of who were there, in the tradition of I-was-there-and-so-were-you:

withtheboyswiththeboys Hosted on Zooomr

Steve Yap, Andrea, Smyth Wong, me and Alan Yun.

ducky_smythducky_smyth Hosted on Zooomr

Ducky getting smoochies from Smyth.

ducky_zackducky_zack Hosted on Zooomr

With Zack the mighty duck.

ducky_steveducky_steve Hosted on Zooomr

With Steve.

ducky_sam_kennyducky_sam_kenny Hosted on Zooomr

With Sam and Kenny.

ducky_jojoducky_jojo Hosted on Zooomr

With Jojo.

ducky_alanducky_alan Hosted on Zooomr

And finally, with Alan.

Anyway, off for my sunshine. If any of you are feeling idle this afternoon, text me or something. I’ll probably be sitting in a cafe somewhere with a notebook playing the role of the brooding writer.

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