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WTF, people?

I make one post entitled “Malaysia Bodoh” and my blog hits went from 5 a day to 50.

Everybody loves shit, eh?

*is amused*

Here, go look at something else:

RAISING THE DEAD, by Tim Zimmermann
At the pitch-black bottom of one of the world’s deepest underwater caves, extreme diver Dave Shaw found the body of a young adventurer who’d perished while exploring the sinkhole ten years earlier. He vowed to come back, recover the victim’s remains, and return them to a still grieving family. It was a quest that would end with vindication—or haunt the survivors forever.

A very readable piece of writing on a rather morbid topic. It’s 11 pages long but it’s hard to stop once you get started.

The Dionaea House
Eric starts a website to share the correspondence and the mystery of a friend who later vanished.

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  1. Great, all those hits, you’ll get up there with Kenny in no time! I think it is kind of nice to know, at least once in a while, that someone – anyone – is reading what we write.

    We may, in reality, be writing for ourselves, but with a potential audience in the hundreds of millions, it nice to get a few hits. And, if you have too many, send them over to me…

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