Do not drive or operate machinery

The most fun part about being sick is that I’ve gotten more sleep in the past three days than I’ve had in the past three weeks combined. Who says you can’t catch up with your sleep, eh? I went to see the doctor and he gave me pills for everything but the flu. Why? Because I only developed the flu half an hour after I left the clinic. Boo. It’s

Christmas Day 2006

I wanted to post earlier today saying that Christmas or not, it’s business as usual on the finish-damn-article front. Yes, it’s a press holiday, but deadlines don’t go away. Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling a little under the weather since last night. This afternoon, it exploded into a slight fever and cough. I took a strong Panadol and slept fitfully after my Heroes marathon. Apart from the pesky cough, I’m ok

Tales of the East

In one of my upcoming book columns, you’ll get a proper review of ‘Across the Nightingale Floor‘. Right now, I must squee. Ok, stories about the East? My standard reaction is *yawn*. I have very little interest in anime and manga, and even less respect for the slews of wannabes the earth spewed out when J-everything became the in thing. You can blame my revulsion of animes on the badly-dubbed

ReviewMe payment

A lot of stuff has been arriving for me in the mail (snail mail, that is) lately. One of them is my ReviewMe payment which so far amounts to a sum of US$30. US$30 isn’t small change in RM, but I wondered how much of that will be left after you bank it in. I showed it to my dad. Me: Should I try and bank this in or should

BandKuest and other stories

I’m such a cat. I don’t come when you call. I only come when I hear food being served. This week is turning out to be a hit-the-ground-running week. Along with a couple of follow-ups I need to do for an article and an event-packed weekend, my new colleague and I just got assigned to something that will come out in our newly-revamped thesundaypost. Fortunately, the subject matter is something