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Ask me anything – the answers edition

Only one taker. So sad lah, but here are the answers to Webbie’s questions.

How long have you been working for the media.
January 2007 would be the beginning of my 3rd year.

Whats your favourite event coverage and most memorable one?
The one I’ll always remember is when I went to test drive BMWs for the very first time. I want the X3, but it’s going to stay out of reach like most of my major wants. As for favourite event, it would be the RWMF… because I got to meet so many people and speak to all these amazing artistes. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have had any reason to leave my own mat.

What would you do to reverse the decision to hold the Tattoo Convention in Sibu instead of Kuching.
I guess what I want to know first is why Sibu. I’m not delusional enough to think I can help “reverse a decision” without first getting more facts on the situation. The biggest waste of time I can immediately see here is that they are planning to have a tiny international convention in an out-of-the-way town. I’m not sure why anyone would waste time and money going to such a small convention when most tattoo conventions are normally done in major cities around the world. 10 tattoo artists? 10? Come on. I’m not the least bit inspired to pack a bag.

If you have RM1000 now, what would you buy besides books.
I’d set it aside for my new computer. “Besides books”… haha! I like that. XD

What annoy you the most?
People who pass judgment without any evidence that can survive the court of common sense. It’s their loss really, for expecting the universe to revolve around them.

How would you react if one day your yellow ducky can talk? :-D
I’ll have to kill him. He’s seen me walking around naked way too many times.

If you have the power to make any books into movie, what book would it be?
The Fionavar Tapestry, a trilogy of books by Guy Gavriel Kay. It could easily be the next LotR, since it’s based on a similar concept.

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One Commnet on “Ask me anything – the answers edition

  1. I ought to make a full interview and publish it somewhere. *grin*. More questions:

    – Do you like your current job? If yes, whats the best thing you like about it?

    – Since you read alot of books, have you ever thought of producing your own book? You could be Tolkien you know.

    – If you can wish for something to change in Kuching City, what would it be?

    – Write a 4 line poem/rhyme describing/expressing yourself.

    – If someone replace your yellow ducky with another yellow ducky, would you notice it?

    -Whats your top 3 movies for 2006?

    – 2007 is coming very very soon, whats your new year’s resolution?

    – If you have the chance to interview anyone in Kuching, who would it be.. and why?

    thats all

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