Books – November 2006

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I was book-starved, so I splurged at BookCastle today, carting off RM85 worth of books. I didn’t even think about the cost while I was picking them out. I actually didn’t think if I even had enough money. It was a close shave. I was left with about 30 cents in very tiny change after paying, much to the amusement of the guy manning the counter.

The one right on top is brand new from Times. How do you expect me to resist a title like “Sex, Lies and Online Dating”? So far, so good!

Total damage in books today: RM107.

Author: Georgette Tan

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One Commnet on “Books – November 2006

  1. i haf to agree … “Sex, Lies and Online Dating”? how can u resist a title like dat! saw it at Borders when in Sg, but din haf enough moolah to buy it … lend me pleaseee….!!

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