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The most fun part about being sick is that I’ve gotten more sleep in the past three days than I’ve had in the past three weeks combined. Who says you can’t catch up with your sleep, eh?

I went to see the doctor and he gave me pills for everything but the flu. Why? Because I only developed the flu half an hour after I left the clinic. Boo.

It’s not fun feeling like your ribcage is about to explode every time you sneeze or cough. It’s probably bruised on the inside by now. I had to make sure my body is in a natural posture every time I feel one coming. I’ve given myself whiplash before, sneezing in the wrong position. The last thing I needed was something else to feel miserable about.

Otherwise, I woke up feeling much better today and found that my body has resumed normal operations. I just need to stretch out a lot of sore muscles.

If you hate sucking on scores of lozenges, my friend Marita once shared with me this more natural remedy:


Andrea passed on Jamie Oliver’s tip of squeezing lemon without putting too much muscle into it. Cut lemons in half, stab innards and twist with fork (you might want to just stabstabstab at first, especially if all your muscle is being used to hold yourself upright at the kitchen counter).

Mix juice in bottle with water and honey to taste. Marita recommends keeping the lemon as undiluted as you can stand it to maximize the antiseptic properties. In addition to being soothing on the throat, honey also has antibacterial properties that should help keep germies at bay.

Sip when necessary.

Given that honey and lemon has much beneficial properties, this should be something we can all sip on everyday, but we need something to look forward to when we’re sick and miserable and hacking a lung up.

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