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A lot of stuff has been arriving for me in the mail (snail mail, that is) lately. One of them is my ReviewMe payment which so far amounts to a sum of US$30.

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US$30 isn’t small change in RM, but I wondered how much of that will be left after you bank it in. I showed it to my dad.

Me: Should I try and bank this in or should I just use it as a bookmark?
Dad: Bring it to the bank and see what they say la. It’s still money.

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As I am nearing the “I’m broke” line, I decided to go with optimism and took it to Maybank. They told me that any amount below US$50 isn’t worth cashing. I can try again when other payments (if any) come in.

Can we get a big round of “Ah, well”?

Meanwhile, I found several interesting posts around the net about sites like ReviewMe and PayPerPost:

  • Paid Blogging Could Harm Your Google Search Rankings, Use Rel=Nofollow
  • Hey Bloggers, PayPerPost is Illegal
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    3 Comments on “ReviewMe payment

    1. What you should consider doing is open a PayPal account and ask them to bank your ReviewMe payments into it. You can’t take the money out, but you can build up a nice account in American dollars for when you need to buy stuff online.

    2. I know that the bank charges here are ridiculously high but what i dont knw is how much. did they mention how much you would get after cashing it? Currently i’m using Payperpost. Apparently i just got an email from them that said they just launched its disclosure requirements etc etc.

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