Tales of the East

In one of my upcoming book columns, you’ll get a proper review of ‘Across the Nightingale Floor‘. Right now, I must squee.

Ok, stories about the East? My standard reaction is *yawn*. I have very little interest in anime and manga, and even less respect for the slews of wannabes the earth spewed out when J-everything became the in thing. You can blame my revulsion of animes on the badly-dubbed crap on TV that was the only thing for kids in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Do not take the above paragraph as an invitation to tell me all about the cool omg-you-must-watch-this animes that are in the market these days. I’ve learned all I needed to know from encounters with previous anime-niacs. NOT LISTENING ANYMORE LALALALALA

The sudden outpouring of WOE IS ME I WAS A GIRL OPPRESSED IN CHINA books (that followed their earlier counterparts from the Middle East because good lord there’s a market for this type of books) didn’t help things along. The first few were ok but you’ve got to be a real masochist to go through the entire lot.

Anyway, the Otori novels take place in a feudal period of a fantasy Japan-like country. The customs, language, architecture, samurai, ninjas and names are distinctively Japanese. But, y’know, never mind that. You can create the most amazing backdrops for your world, but if your writing sucks, none of the fancy stuff will save you.

Can this author write? Hell, yeah. This series is on my list of “get own copy” (since the ones I’m reading are borrowed).

I saw these books in our local book stores earlier this year. It catches the eye because it’s a much smaller size compared to standard paperbacks. It’s described as a trilogy, but each “book” comes in two separate volumes or episodes.

Last night, Andrea remarked that it’s very difficult to get me books as a present anymore because ever since Book Castle came along, there is no telling what I already have. My collection is growing faster than I can read or catalog it! But of course, if anyone feels the urge to get me something, I won’t object to book vouchers. :D

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