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The Duck & The Ambassador

I must point out the too-cool-for-words fact that Ducky not only had his photo taken with the American Ambassador to Malaysia, but that very photo was used on Page 3 of today’s Borneo Post. If you missed that, you can still view the article here. If you saw it, I hope it put a giggle or two into your day.

Here’s another version of that photo:

Mr Ambassador!

I was not there for the grand event because it was my day off. The only thing I did was leave Ducky in Doreena’s care the day before.

Doreena got Ducky into the interview and had the nerve-wrecking task of popping the question. He (the duck, not the Ambassador) hid in Jamie’s bag until it’s time to make an appearance. Our Editor in Chief decided to use that photo with Jamie’s article. Doreena got a call in the night asking what Ducky’s full name is (Quackers the Duck). Our photographer JMos took the pictures.

Apparently, Ducky was an instant hit.

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3 Comments on “The Duck & The Ambassador

  1. Giggle. I laughed my head off when i saw Ducky in the Borneo Post. In fact I nearly choked on my kolo mee breakfast. Ducky has long had a presence on the web but seeing him in the printed media with the US ambassador holding him was hilarious. It is a great photo with the Ambassador sporting a sheepish grin and delicately holding Ducky.

  2. Hehe… Ducky is so famous! I’m glad that BP always have a sense of humor about things. Good thing the ambassador was such a sport! So who’s next now? Hmmm….

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