Light Fog

We had fog in the city this evening. It was both spooky and beautiful, especially after you realise your kneejerk reaction of “Haze again?” is incorrect. I was driving through the city centre and didn’t get to take photos. If you live in my household, you’ll learn to recognise the signs that “the kids” have gotten their salary. My brother comes home with Jacob’s oatmeal cookies, a packet of California

Shaddup, bitches.

First, they had 6 roosters crowing at all hours of the day. The roosters were taken away about a week ago. Who knows where. The neighbourhood rejoiced. Now they have puppies. They’ve been crying for hours and their owners are letting them. I don’t know how anyone within a 5-house radius will get any sleep tonight. What is WRONG with that household.

One last hurdle for Sarawakian bands

Hello, my treacherous friends, and thank you for joining me here tonight. I brought you all here to discuss, as I must, how grateful I am for your insights. –OK Go – Hello, My Treacherous Friends I received a nod today from Jadit of the Local Beat (Dayak music) column of Postmag, regarding my BandKuest 2006 article, where I poked a hard finger at local bands about doing everything right

Sites to keep you occupied

My life decided to be disappointing today. I cried, I plotted to kill and now I have a long-term death stare. I am not going to be a pleasant person to be around this week. Here are some interesting sites I found today. Shelfari This goes out to my fellow bookworms. It’s yet another online book catalogue site, but what a pretty interface! I’ve only added a few books to