Giveaway of the Day

Have I not plugged Giveaway of the Day yet?

GotD is awesome. It offers a helpful little software every day, one you’d usually have to pay for, for free. You have 24 hours to download, install and activate it. My desktop is littered with various helpful little utilities that I never knew I needed!

The catch is that you have to install it within the 24 hour window that it’s free. If you uninstall or change computers later on, you can’t reinstall it anymore. Quite a bummer considering that there’s a few software out there that I’d like to keep a hold on, but I guess that’s where you need to buy it. Most of these publishers are little software houses you don’t really hear much about.

If you like games, GotD has a sister site called Game of the Day, or something like that. I can’t verify because I can’t get the sites to load right now… damn quake damage.

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  1. hi, i stumbled upon ur blog a few days ago and luv the stuffs ur sharing here. Also just knew that you write for PostMag. Good job there! =p i am normally more of a silent reader, but im really excited to see this giveaway of the day site ur sharing here! haha. thanks for sharing!

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