Hello 1997… I mean, 2007.

Since last week’s earthquake, broadband has slowed to a crawl everywhere. It’s like being on dial-up again! Very nostalgic…not.

So what did I do today? Not much.

Tidied up my 43 Things list. Seems like an appropriate time to look at the list of things to-do for the new year and dump things that are not going to be a priority this year.

Backed up Veronica Mars Season 2 and my photo archive on DVDs. That’s a lot of photos. -.o

Played a lot of Funeral Quest.

So, new year resolutions. Normally I couldn’t care less, but surprisingly I have some very clear objectives this year.

1. 1280 x 1024.
2. Complete my novel.
3. Upgrade my kayaking skills so I can go on more challenging trips.
4. Find another form of regular exercise. Perhaps yoga or another bellydance class.
5. Get crafty. Like… make stuff, not the other crafty. That one I already do.
6. Do something I won’t have done last year.

Here’s one thing I don’t see other people doing… predictions for 2007. Here are mine:

2007 will be a great year for:
1. The local independent music scene
2. The local art scene
3. The Malaysian publishing scene

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