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I am the queen of projects. Hear me roar.

1. Kaki Kuching

Kaki Kuching is all about the local arts & entertainment scene – music (indie and classical), theatre, film screenings, dance performances (by this I mean something classical and not a bunch of aunties line-dancing in whorish outfits), etc. We support the local music scene, independent films, art exhibitions… anything that injects some much-needed class and culture into our day.

I’m looking for active bloggers to help me update Kaki Kuching. You’ll need your own Blogger account. You need to keep an eye out on the news and an ear on the street. You need a reasonably good command of English.

I’d like to keep on updating this myself because a lot of the local art & entertainment events will eventually reach my ears while it’s in planning/publicity stages. That’s the whole reason why I started the blog in the first place! But I have to admit that sometimes I just can’t keep up with everything.

If you are interested, send a brief introduction and your blog URL to kakikuching[AT]

2. Kuching Bloggers

Yes, there’s tons more of you out there than there used to be in, say… 2004. Which was exactly when I started this mailing list.

My original objective of the list was to gather Kuching bloggers in one place and to plan meet-ups, which worked in the beginning. Then, we noticed that the people who respond about meet-ups are the same 10 people who contact each other on a regular basis in the real world. So the list is kinda redundant for that, unless there are new people (and I mean, a lot of new people) who aren’t shy about meeting other people or want to talk about blogging. Personally, I prefer forums for chatter.

Anyway, I’m dangling this list out there for any of you who may be interested in doing something with it. If nobody gets back to me about this in a couple of weeks, I’m going to delete it. Of course, I want to know what you plan on doing with it. I’m not going to hand it off to just anybody who asks.

3. kchbloggers @ Bloglines

On a related note, I update this when I have the time. I haven’t touched it in months. You wanna do it?

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