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My life decided to be disappointing today. I cried, I plotted to kill and now I have a long-term death stare. I am not going to be a pleasant person to be around this week.

Here are some interesting sites I found today.

This goes out to my fellow bookworms. It’s yet another online book catalogue site, but what a pretty interface! I’ve only added a few books to see what my shelf will look like. I tried importing my library from LibraryThing but it kept hitting some sort of error. I’ll give it some time and try again later. There’s no way I’m going to re-enter everything.

Here’s an interesting site for those of you who are putting together your family tree. Geni is easy and fun to use. Growing another twig on your family tree only takes one click. You can invite your family and extended family to take control of their profile and add their relatives too. Great way of keeping in touch with relatives and rekindling those family feuds. I am reminded of how little I know about my own relatives. On one side, they’re not living in Kuching. On the other, it’s full of hen-like aunties whose highlight in life is to see you married off and popping out kids. Oh, and the tree is only visible to family members that you invite.

Normal Room
Ever wanted to peek into someone else’s house? Normal Room lets you browse photos of rooms from all over the world, submitted by users. You can submit photos of your own house too.

That’s all.

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5 Comments on “Sites to keep you occupied

  1. im finally able to post into ur blog without having to sucribe to the service.. what a relief.. god know how many blog i have, wasted in the internet. hahaha..

    Have a great weekend yah!

  2. I’m going to sign in to Shelfari because they seem to be able to hold lots of books ;)

    …and I’m going to add my mom to Geni. She’s nuts about getting our family tree done. Maybe it’ll give her something good to say about the internet. Haha!

    And don’t let assholes bother you, my friend. They are little in number compared to the cool friends you have! :D

  3. all three links are great. shelfari is v. pretty but i’ll stay loyal to library thing. i’m going to build a family tree on geni. and normal room would be a great souce of material for writing prompts.

  4. Kincafe much like geni

    It was a great experience for me to have something like geni. I found it extremely useful for making a family tree.

    But i would like to add something which is much like a geni, its Kincafe.

    I would like you to particpate in beta release of Kincafe and provide feedback at



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