New Year Babies identified

I was at FH2O‘s house this morning and had to look in on the little hatchies in a tree. I also wanted to see the ‘black on top and white underneath bird’ myself because I was only 80% sure which bird this is based on Unker’s photos. I parked under the tree as Francis instructed and shot a number of photos through the windshield. My 80% became 95%. I’m sure

Year of the Roasted Pig

The CNY celebration has been pretty quiet for me. On the first day, I collected Sadat from home and we visited Andrea. I get “adopted” for lunch every year because my parents tend to be away and I have to eat at some point. We then went off to visit FH2O, lured by laksa. It was good laksa. Really good. Especially since I haven’t had laksa in a while. Sadat

Why I started this blog

It would seem rather belated, talking about why I started this blog almost a year and a half after the fact. But I assure you that this is purely for opportunistic reasons, namely as an entry to engtech’s first contest for bloggers. I found out about it some weeks ago and had it bookmarked since, waiting for the right time to fill in the 200-word blanks. The time is

Note to business contacts

Dear Overly-Helpful Recipients of my Name Card, Please stop forwarding my work email to various organisations for the sole purpose of letting them spam me with their promotions and workshops. While I won’t object quite as violently with organisations based in Kuching, information about events, food promotions and workshops taking place in Kuala Lumpur are of little use to me. My organisation isn’t going to send me there to enjoy

Missing: One life force

Morticat’s Last Meal Hosted on Zooomr My current book is a new and unexpected addition to the family. I started reading it at the book store this afternoon, then decided that it was cheering me up sufficiently to be worth buying. Screw motivational and self-help books. Nothing quite cheers like Dilbert when you’re disillusioned with work. Books like these are great. It reminds you that you’re nothing but another idiot