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Missing: One life force

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My current book is a new and unexpected addition to the family. I started reading it at the book store this afternoon, then decided that it was cheering me up sufficiently to be worth buying.

Screw motivational and self-help books. Nothing quite cheers like Dilbert when you’re disillusioned with work. Books like these are great. It reminds you that you’re nothing but another idiot in the rat race. If you win, you’re still a rat.

The synopsis of “Dilbert – The Joy of Work: Guide to finding Happiness at the Expense of your Co-workers” says:

If you work for a company that is sucking the life force out of your body, you have options for getting your life back while continuing to collect your pay. Full of tips for discovering workplace joy at the expense of co-workers, stockholders, and civilisation in general. Scott Adam’s new book is a blueprint for rediscovering your soul at the office.

And I really would like my soul back. Or at least in the right hands.

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