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Year of the Roasted Pig

The CNY celebration has been pretty quiet for me. On the first day, I collected Sadat from home and we visited Andrea. I get “adopted” for lunch every year because my parents tend to be away and I have to eat at some point.

We then went off to visit FH2O, lured by laksa. It was good laksa. Really good. Especially since I haven’t had laksa in a while.

Sadat felt the need to wash down the laksa with a refreshing glass of water.

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We went to visit Maggie and Alan after, and spent the time making fun of ‘Perhaps Love’ on Astro.

I was craving some KFC so we went to the branch at the airport. Joyce joined us. We proceeded to do some serious damage to our wallets by spending a really long time (with apologies to the token male) at the perfume outlet and purchasing various items. I got Lancome’s Miracle Forever, which cost so much, I hardly dare think about it… especially knowing that I’m going to KL next month.

At least I’m gonna go smelling good, damnit.

Why am I going? For this -> Kuala Lumpur International Literary Festival 2007

No, it’s not for work. It’s for me. As a reminder that I started out as a creative writer and that I have stories of my own to tell. I’m sick of writing everyone else’s stories.

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Today, I slept till almost noon, watched Pan’s Labyrinth on DVD, and went to Coffee Bean with VelvetRaven.

Tomorrow, I go back to work. Because I always get a surprised outcry when I mention going back to work when everyone else is still on a holiday, let me take this moment to remind you that I work for a newspaper. Most people want their newspaper when they resume work (or even before the get back to work), but most people also don’t realise that other people have to start work a day early so they can get their paper.

This weekend will be eventful.

On the 23 Feb (Friday), SingleTrackMind will be launching his new album [hey.] at Hilton’s senso. It starts at 11pm and entrance fee is RM65, inclusive of a [hey.] CD and first drink.

On 24th Feb (Saturday), we have the Kuching Blogger’s Meet at Oregano, Travilion.

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